Nick Assef Is The Executive Chairman

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Lincoln Crowne & Company is an independent advisory firm for corporations, specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions. They offer a range of detailed corporate and strategic advice in this field. They advise both Australian and internationally-based clients, they even advise their clients on cross border opportunities.

Depending upon the client’s aspirations for growth, as well as their time-line, Lincoln Crowne & Company advises them regarding the development of shareholder value. They utilize game theory in order to gain a better understanding of all of the individual actors in each transaction and how or why they might operate. They also possess an advanced knowledge concerning the legal frameworks that might be applicable to that client’s mergers & acquisitions.

Nick Assef is the Executive Chairman of Lincoln Crowne & Company. He has been involved in many complicated situations through this work, which has included having to become the director of a company’s board of directors in order to support what the client wanted to achieve. More dedication could hardly be found in a corporate adviser. He looks after his clients’ best interests, acting on behalf of parties that have been wronged in corporate disputes. He has counted amongst his clients shareholders, joint venture partners, and directors.

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